Don’t Forget About Movement [VIDEO]

Humans move in other directions other than up & down……

Yes, the majority of movement we use as CrossFitters are up & down. Squats, Deadlifts, Push Presses, HSPUs, Pull Ups, Dips, Box Jumps….. The list is endless.

What we neglect is natural movement. Watch squirrels playing, monkey’s moving through trees, cats running across garage roofs.

We should hang, and be upside down more. Sprint, jump, bound, twist, roll…..

Watch this awesome, short interview with Ido Portal who is a movement specialist, and an amazing athlete/human being. I defy you not to be inspired, and immediately add animal patterns into your warm ups, and dedicating yourself to mastering handstands.

Follow and watch Ido’s work on social media, and get this shared amongst your friends.

Sometimes it’s just fun to play!!!

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