Watch UK Crossfit Athlete Will Kane Take On Fitness Challenge

As Crossfitter’s we consider ourselves to be among the fittest athletes on the planet…..

Outside of our sport we can be widely looked down upon for many a reason. We aren’t consider very strong, or super jacked, or to have good technique. Our aerobic capacity is questioned, and our penchant for new trendy CrossFit stash laughed at (I’ll question all but the last point!).

The fact is, you can’t really make a well-argued judgement on a subject without first trying it. There are good and bad examples of everything in this world. You can get good gymnastics coaches and bad ones, great schools and bad ones, great personal trainers, and bad ones….great Pizza joints and bad ones….OK, that’s a lie. Any pizza is good pizza!!

The same is true with CrossFit boxes.

With all that being said, we have some of the finest examples of rounded athletes in our community, and rightly feel that these could be pitted against other sportsman to justle it out for fittest on (earth/in the gym/at the local athletics track).

So meet Will Kane. Will is an athlete from Crossfit Cheltenham and finished 9th in the 2014 European Regionals. In this video he is taking on Men’s Fitness Magazines ‘FitBrit’ which is their annual gym challenge to find the fittest person in the UK.


The challenge is;

For Time:

600m Treadmill Run

30 (Russian) Kettlebell Swings 24kg/16kg

20 Box Over Jumps

10 ViPR Tilts 20kg/12kg

1.5km Bike

10 Medicine Ball Press-Ups

20 Goblet Squats 24kg/16kg

30 Sandbell Rainbow Slams

400m Row


Go to Page 2 to watch Will complete the challenge….



Now get yourself to the nearest Fitness First gym. Sign up, and represent CrossFit by smashing some gym records!!

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