CrossFit’s First Online Weightlifting Contest


CrossFit will be opening their first ever online weightlifting competition coined CrossFit Liftoff, on Thursday November 5th with a release of a GPP workout to accompany the Snatch and Clean & Jerk lifts which will make up the scores for the competition.

The competition which is Powered by Rogue, will offer cash and Rogue equipment prizes for the athletes lifting the heaviest weights, or posting the largest totals.

There are three main categories in addition to the individual lift’s.

They are;

Weightlifting Total (snatch + clean and jerk)

Overall Total (snatch poundage + clean and jerk poundage + workout reps), and

Pound for Pound Total (weightlifting total/bodyweight).

The divisions for the above are: Open (all ages), Masters (40+), and Teenage (14-17). Anyone 14 years old or older can compete.



Prizes range from $3000 plus gear, to $1500.00 plus gear. Definitely worth entering if you prefer the heavier lifting side of Crossfit. Such an awesome way to bring more athletes closer into the Crossfit circle.

If you want to sign up or find out more info about the comp, hit up this link: Crossfit Lift Off Online Competition


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