FRONING – The Movie

….Or rather, Froning – The extended YouTube Clip




So I jumped on iTunes Friday and downloaded the new sports documentary giving a behind the scenes insight into the life of ‘The Fittest Man In History’.

If you have read Rich Froning’s autobiography ‘What it Takes to Win’, you would of read about CrossFit’s talisman, and what helped shape him into the dominating athlete you follow today. This movie/documentary now adds a visual medium to this.

You get to see some great interviews with family members, high school coaches, friends, and competitors. It also takes you through his experience at the 2014 CrossFit Games.

As mentioned in the tagline, this did feel a lot like a YouTube video of which I’ve sat through many a time (and in fact, you will see plenty of clips from videos which you would of already seen), but it’s the other side of Rich which is shown in this movie which makes the purchase price justifiable. From seeing him visibly emotional when talking about his love for Hilary, or their experiences with adoption, and his plea to young mothers considering adoption to seek a different route. Then you have the hilarious antics of Froning and his Fronterage at their hotel rooms at the Games. Swinging from the attempts at changing Lakelyn’s nappy with no Hilary to help, to the pizza parties and goofing around. It’s amazing to see how he can just come back from a full on day’s competing, and just pound Papa John’s for recovery. That’s frigging genetics right there!

This movie is clearly an attempt to validate Rich as The Fittest on Earth but if you are as ‘into’ Crossfit as me, then you won’t need much convincing of this even without watching the movie.

You’ll watch him reclaim his first place standing on the Sunday at the games and as usual dominate that last day to win his fourth title. As mentioned, for just being an extended YouTube video the price tag is a little steep. It’s definitely something you’ll watch more than once though, and does give you a big old boot of motivation to train.

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