The Snatch Warm Up [VIDEO]

What we look for from any movement specific warm up is that…..

A. It helps mobilise you throughout the range of motion used during that lift.

B. Activates (and gets blood flowing to), the muscles which will be needed to aid completing the lift.

C. To ‘Grease the Grove’. Meaning to slowly reinforce the correct movement pattern/bar path required for efficient lifts

D. Gradually load the muscles to the weight you’ll be asking them to perform under during your workout



This video is from the awesome athletes program Ironwork’s, which is run from Crossfit Reading, and headed by Gareth Doody. Check them out at

It is a perfect example of putting your body through the range of motion required as well as reinforcing that perfect technique. Mobility and Technique should always be put before load and intensity.

Add this to your Snatch sessions to see a marked improvement. Be warned though, it’s almost a workout in itself!

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