What’s All This Bulletproof Coffee Hype?

Has this buzzing phrase “Bulletproof Coffee” caught your attention yet??


Whether you have heard of it or not, Bulletproof coffee is all the rage lately.

Just as there are people who are fashion cray cray, jumping on every new trend coming out of Paris or Milan, so also are some health junkies who are waiting for the next bandwagon to board. Whether it be Paleo, Juicing, Carb Backloading or If It Fits Your Macros (IIFYM) etc, is Bulletproof coffee just another craze you’ll dive into for a month or two, and then dump!?

First thing to address is what exactly is Bulletproof Coffee!?

Well, this widely claimed performance enhancer is a mix of organic coffee, grassfed butter and MCT oil, which happens to be one of the weirdest concoctions on paper but believe me, it actually works!

This new fitness ‘fad’ is the brain child of Dave Asprey, an American health guru and the creator of Bulletproof Coffee. It has many devotees who make this drink at home, although it is served at the odd café. From CEO’s to Wall Street types, athletes to stay at home moms, the effect and reach of Bulletproof Coffee is wide spread.

I thought it would be worth giving a go, but the preparation of this concoction isn’t a raw mixing of any old butter into some coffee, as I had thought. When it comes to preparing a rich bulletproof coffee, the quality of the ingredients used becomes key to getting its full potential benefits.

The coffee must be organic and the lowest possible, and the butter must be organic, unsalted and grass fed, and a key ingredient not to be ignored is to add a tablespoon of virgin coconut or MCT oil to keep your body running at high performance for up to six hours while burning fat. Due to being unable to find a trusted, consistent source of low toxin, organic coffee Dave Asprey himself decided to set up a business supplying his own. Very shrewd you may think. Below is the recipe taken from his website (where you also purchase the Bulletproof Coffee Beans, and MCT Oil).


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