Strongman Methodologies And How To Take Your Strength Game To The Next Level….[VIDEO]

The Yoke, Sled, Prowler, Log, Farmers Handles….

These are all tools which can be used to unlock potentially HUGE strength gains.

If you have never tried strongman training (which is different to the actual exercises demonstrated at competition, which I am sure you would have seen on Worlds Strongest Man), then you are missing out on a huge slice of the strength and conditioning pie. You may have these pieces of equipment in your box but are worried you are not ready to use them yet, or you may need to seek out a gym who have them to use. I implore you to do so, and ask for a technique session to begin using them safely and effectively.

Not just tough work but also hugely enjoyable and due to the majority of the work being concentric loading, you suffer very little if any soreness from sessions. This means Strongman training methods are easy to add into your current programming with only positive side effects.

Here is a video from CrossFit Strongman’s Rob Orlando introducing you to The Yoke. A hugely versatile piece of equipment which can be used for massive gains in leg and core strength. We very rarely, if at all, carry load in CrossFit but that doesn’t mean doing so in training won’t crossover into our day to day movements.

Watch the video and seek out a Yoke to take your training to the next level!!

Also, stay tuned for our next installment of Strongman chat to educate and motivate you to try this amazing modality of training.

In the meantime share the above video with your training buddies, and get to work!!

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