CrossFit….The Cult Brand

Are We Really All Just Cult Members!!?


Since starting CrossFit a few years ago it has been mentioned on numerous occasions by my ‘non-CrossFit’ friends and work colleagues, that I am part of the cult that is CrossFit. Is this justified, is it self-perpetuated?? I mean, I have just referred to my friends and colleagues who choose to exercise using methods other than CrossFit as ‘non-Crossfit friends and colleagues’ which instantly classifies them differently to myself.

A recent article published in the Business Insider, discusses how brands like CrossFit, Apple and Harley Davidson may use ‘Cult Tactics’ to make billions.

It is a well-written article with some great insights. I have always taken slight offence to being branded a cult member but I couldn’t help but read through the article and realising that there are more than just a couple of coincidental comparisons.

“It devotee’s shell out huge sums for the classes and logo-adorned clothes. They’re it’s biggest advocates, and – when the companies pseudo-yogic platitudes are criticised – it’s fiercest defenders.”

That’s us right!? Reebok CrossFit shirts, Nike Metcons, Stance Socks, Rogue everything…all brands which have cracked the CrossFit market and use our devotion to the ‘brand’ that is CrossFit, to make healthy profits. In fact this quote wasn’t talking about CrossFit, it was in fact about the indoor cycling chain SoulCycle. But it could of just as easily been about Apple or Harley Davidson.

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