Knowledge Bombs to Take Your Strength To The Next Level [VIDEO]

The Boys Over At Barbell Shrugged Know Their Stuff……


If you haven’t checked out the awesome podcast that is Barbell Shrugged, you must have been living in a cave for the past few years (which is taking this Paleo malarky far too seriously!).

Barbell Shrugged is the No.1 Rated Podcast in Fitness & Nutrition on iTunes, and is three friends interviewing each week, athletes & coaches from the world of CrossFit, Weightlifting & Powerlifting. It is genuinely great listening and more than just three guys crap talking and having a joke. They are all accomplished athletes and coaches, and you’ll definitely get HUGE takeaway from listening (and as you’ll see below, watching), their podcast.

They also offer courses, programming, merchandising, and books. One such piece of merchandising we particularly like at WodYoda is their D3&T Tee’s. D3&T stands for ‘Drop Everything & Train’.


In our first post about integrating strongman training into your CrossFit programming for increased strength and conditioning, we visited The Yoke. An awesome piece of equipment, and huge total body strength builder. If you didn’t see that post, find it here: WodYoda Stongman Methodologies Part One

In this post we give you two episodes of Barbell Shrugged which will honestly change your strength & conditioning training FOREVER.

On the next page you will find the two part interview conducted by the boys at Barbell Shrugged with renowned movement specialist (and Strongman Competitor), Julien Pineau. Julien is the owner of StrongFit, and coach to CrossFit Games competitor Val Voboril.

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