Team Good Times…..

The CrossFit Team Series has drawn to a close…

Won for the second year in a row by Team Reebok Classics made up of Emily Bridgers, Stacie Tovar, Ben Smith & Paul Tremblay.


Many videos have been released by HQ documenting some of the Teams ┬ácompleting their workouts but one video definitely stood out for me. Obviously tongue in cheek but highlighting what CrossFit is all about for so many of us…Fun!

With lot’s people improving through CrossFit, and deciding on taking their training to the next level, more and more are choosing individual programming as opposed to following the classes. Although this is decidedly better to help you continue improving and working on weaknesses, it can lead to you missing out somewhat on the side of CrossFit which we all fell in love with. It’s fricking fun throwing down with others!

So give this video a watch. It will put a HUGE smile on your face. It features┬áRory McKernan and Heber Cannon paired up with Games athletes Carleen Mathews and Rory Zambard for this year’s CrossFit Team Series.

The big takeaway is that we should still be injecting as much fun into our training as we can. Love what you do people!

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