Rhabdomyolysis: The Real Skinny


Rhabdomyolysis’ Symptoms

Muscle pain and weakness and abdominal pain, accompanied by nausea, vomiting, severe fever and dehydration, and lack of consciousness are common symptoms of rhabdomyolysis. A little muscle soreness is fine after an intense workout, but pain associated with rhabdomyolysis usually feels like as if one got run over by a vehicle. The body is almost immovable.


Another very telling sign of rhabdomyolysis is darkened urine, which ranges from dark brown to deep red. This is indicative of the kidney’s weakening function. The amount of myoglobin in the body increases when rhabdomyolysis occurs. Excessive myoglobin in the body harms the kidney. Excessive amounts of creatine phosphokinase, calcium, potassium, and sodium are also released into the bloodstream. The kidney has to bear the burden of filtering them too. Rhabdomyolysis patients are advised to report immediately to the ER when they notice that there urine is darkened. Unmitigated cases may lead to renal failure.


When all of the aforementioned symptoms are present, it is time for the patient to go to the hospital. Ideally, it shouldn’t reach the point where the urine turns dark already because it means that the patient is only a few steps closer to a renal failure.



The good news is that early detection of rhabdomyolysis will reverse the worst of symptoms, even kidney failures. As soon as the symptoms are detected, the patient should be rushed to the emergency room. First line of defense in cases of rhabdomyolysis is usually Intravenous (IV) fluids with bicarbonate to eliminate the myoglobin from the kidneys. IV fluids will also help bring down high potassium and bring up low calcium. In worse cases where the kidney is rapidly depleting, the doctor may put the patient under dialysis to purify the blood from excess sodium and waste products. If patient responds well to these treatments, he or she should be able to fully recover in a few weeks.

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